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Strongest Tape Ever

 The Monkey Grip - Tape, is a Gel Pad Grip Tape designed to be the most reliable, useful and strong tool for sticking items. Using our own strong and reliable gel compound design, combined with it’s unique size, length and thickness, The Monkey Grip Tape is the best Value, Best Quality and Best Overall Solution for all your Gel Pad needs

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Product Usage

Stick Anything Anywhere

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Protect Your Valuable Decorative Items

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Organize Your Kitchen

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Stick Your Furniture

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Make Your Tech Handy

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Washable and Reusable

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Organize Your Bathroom

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Organize Keys

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Stick Anything on the Walls

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Easy To Cut Any Length

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Easy To Apply

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Easy to Remove without effecting the surface

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How Much Weight Can Monkey Grip Hold?

Monkey Grip the strongest tape out there can hold upto 1.5 Kgs with a single piece and it can hold 4 times this with mulitple cut pieces

What surfaces can i use Monkey Grip on?

Monkey Grip will work well on any surface that is smooth and dry. Avoid surfaces that may be porous or are not smooth, as Monkey Grip will either have issues sticking to the particles on the wall, rather than the wall or will not have enough surface area to create a reliable bind.

As a rule of thumb, always give you walls or surfaces and the object you want to stick, a good wipe down and dry before using Monkey Grip. That way you are removing any dust particles that may be present. 

How Long Will Monkey Grip Last Once Stuck?

Monkey Grip, if used in the recommend environments and within its weight thresholds, will stay stuck until you remove it. 

How Many Times Can I Re-Use Monkey Grip?

Monkey grip can be used, washed and reused over 2,000 times before seeing any reduction of strength. To keep Monkey Grip strong, just make sure to wash it under warm water and massage any durt or dust off. Then leave to air dry. Once dry, it will be just like new! 

Is Monkey Grip Harmful and Full of Bad Chemicals?

No. Monkey Grip is 100% Non-Toxic, FDA Approved 

Why do i need to clean my walls, surfaces and objects before using Monkey Grip?

As with the physics of any adhesive, Monkey Grip will 'grip' to the first particles it touches. On an uncleaned wall, that will be dirt, dust, grease or grime first. That means that most of the Monkey Grip will not be sticking to the wall, but rather the particles that make up the dirt, dust, grease or grime on the wall. So be sure to give your wall a wipe down before using Monkey Grip.

The same occurs in your objects! Especially with remotes and other objects touched daily. A remote is prone to grease and oils from our skin, which in turn it's particles will bond to Monkey Grip before Monkey Grip bonds to the controller. Please always make sure to clean any surface and object before placing it on Monkey Grip. Make sure your wall has been cleaned and dried to remove any excess dirt, dust grease or grime. Also, make sure your objects are also washed as well, to remove any dirt, dust, grease or grime. An alcohol, wipe works great!

Customer Reviews

Keshav singh

Absolutely loving the monkey grip. The tape has given me freedom to stick anything anywhere which has made managing things so simple without any hustle. To be very honest, Managing the remotes has been a very long problem for me, this is the only reason i wanted to give a try to monkey grip and now could say managing my remotes is not a problem any more.

Arti verma

 My first application was in my washroom. I stuck all my shampoo and my shower gel since i had limited space for them. Its been three weeks and not a single thing has fallen down inspite the tape gets wet every day because its right next to my shower. Worth spending my money. 

Akansha sharma

 Honestly i was bit hesitate to stuck my speaker on the wall. The weight of the speaker is almost 1.5 kg . I cut the tape into two long strips and stuck the speaker from top and bottom, Initially i had put the chair under the speaker, incase it falls down. The grip is very strong, speaker has not move a bit,  lets hope the grip last for long. 

Monkey Grip Gel Pad Grip Tape, Best tape you will ever buy

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